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Maternity Pants - Why Elepants Are Great for Expecting Moms

Nate Weintraub

Elepants: Comfy Maternity Pants for Expecting Mothers

We get tons of emails from visitors asking questions/concerns like “will Elepants fit me?” and “I want a pair but I think I may be too tall/short”. Whenever we get these emails we answer back quickly on how Elepants were designed to fit most people around. We also get a lot of “I’m an expecting mom but I don’t know if they’ll fit”. For that, we have some answers on why getting a pair of Elepants can help throughout the whole journey!

Yoga mom Andrea showing her skills!

Yoga mom Andrea showing her skills!

The Best Maternity Yoga Pants

When getting a pair of maternity pants, you want to make sure they last a while, they’re comfy, they slip on easy, and most importantly, they fit. We asked some moms who love our pants why they do, here are the top responses we got.

  1. Strong elastic around the waist for extra stretch.

    1. Lots of moms love Elepants because the elastic on their pair fit even when they are in their third trimester.

  2. Super light material makes slipping on easy.

    1. Maternity pants should be easy to get on and off!

  3. They aren’t just maternity pants!

    1. Lots of moms rock Elepants before and after they have their baby bump.

  4. Feeling good about your pair helping elephants.

    1. Getting a pair of Elepants is a way to treat yourself while helping beautiful creatures.

Staying Comfy in Maternity Clothes

No matter what you’re buying for maternity clothing, Elepants will make an excellent addition to your closet. We’re so happy lots of moms have found another great piece to wear when they were expecting, and we hope you can too!